Building a Strong Foundation in Each Child

We provide high-quality childcare services that promote the holistic growth and development of every child in our care.

teachers in the classroom

Our Mission

To provide a nurturing and interactive learning environment for children to thrive and achieve developmental milestones. We emphasize their development while building positive relationships with the community around them.

We focus on personalized care, play-based learning, and family engagement, which help each child grow into a confident individual.

Our Vision

To empower every child by providing a nurturing and enriching early childhood education that lays the foundation for a lifetime of success. We believe that the early experiences of every child are crucial in shaping their future.

We are committed to providing a safe, supportive, and developmentally appropriate environment that encourages each child’s growth.

Who We Are

Madison Square Child Development Center offers year-round care, following best practices in early education combined with a tradition of caring for and nurturing children since 1974. MSCDC’s sought-after Texas Rising Star-4 Star status attests to the high level of services we pride ourselves on providing.

We are known for:

  • Texas Rising Star-4 Status
  • Qualified Teaching Staff
  • Family-Oriented Services
  • Inclusive Education for All
  • Texas School Ready! Participants

Our Philosophy

  • We believe that early experiences are the most formative and provide a foundation for one’s lifetime.
  • We are committed to providing a healthy, happy, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate environment and quality education for every child.
  • We use a research-based, state-adopted early childhood curriculum to guide and plan instruction. Various curricula are utilized within the program.
  • Preparing children for kindergarten is a primary focus in classrooms, and the curriculum aligns with the Texas Infant, Toddler & Three-Year-Old Early Learning Guidelines and the Texas Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines.
teacher playing with a kid